Limitations and warnings

Here are some of the particularities of this Atlas.

The method, explaining when necessary how the data were processed and the provenance of the data used for the cartography, has been documented at the top of all 3 sections of the Atlas.

Each map presented in the Atlas is accompanied by narratives text; the descriptions that accompany the maps and photos to facilitate interpretation of the mapped data. References and sources of the data are listed at the end of each story map.

Summary maps illustrating the use of the marine territory have been made by superimposing each layer of geographic data are presented in the Atlas.

Limitations of the project

The portrait of the sites and their uses by the Mi’gmaq and Maliseet of the marine St. Lawrence presented in this Atlas are far from comprehensive; only already existing and available data were mapped when this Atlas was being prepared. Surveys of the various uses of the marine environment among members of the communities were conducted to improve and update this work. However, information about recreational or traditional uses of the marine or coastal environments is sometimes limited or missing. In the medium term, the members of the three communities would have to be surveyed again about their various uses of the marine environments in order to expand and update this reference document.


The data presented in this Atlas do not in any way replace consultations or dialogue with Aboriginal communities nor can they, in any case, replace them (as indicated on each of the included maps). In addition, the use of data presented in this Atlas alone cannot be construed as meaningful consultation with MMAFMA’s three-member communities.

Access to the Atlas and its data

Some data contained in the Atlas are also available on the St. Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO) website at, thanks to a partnership between MMAFMA and the observatory. The mission of SLGO is to promote the sharing and pooling of scientific information on the St. Lawrence ecosystem.

L'usage de cet Atlas est soumis à différentes conditions et limitations

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