Summary of commercial and traditional activities


Summary map methodology

TThe map summarizing ecological knowledge was obtained by presenting on a single map the entire territory concerned by said ecological knowledge, communal subsistence fisheries, the sectors of interest identified for the ABAOI and the rivers surveyed for the American eel (Map 32).

In the summary section, there are 3 different maps illustrating the summary of activities taking place in the St. Lawrence. The first map presents the outcome of a calculation of point density and illustrates how intensely the marine environment was used by the three communities from 2010 to 2017, all species taken together. To this end, the small harvested sectors and the fishing quadrangles (polygons) were converted into a grid with equidistant points (500 m apart), then a “heat map” function in the QGIS 2.14 program was used to illustrate in raster form the density of the points (little overlay vs. much overlays).

The second map, an overlay, shows all the sectors harvested by the three communities, layered one over the other (small sectors and fishing quadrangles), taking into account the species fished. The result is a spatial compilation of the number of species fished by the three communities from 2010 to 2017. It is also possible to consult this map in the portrait section of commercial activities.

As for the third summary map, it maps the traditional activities that have been obtained by grouping the entire territory concerned by ecological knowledge, subsistence community fisheries, SIBA identified areas of interest and inventoried rivers for the American eel. This summary map is also available in the portrait section of traditional activities.

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